Online Nutrition Programs

Replace restrictive dieting practices & obsessive calorie counting with a healthy, balanced approach to boosting your metabolic health so you can get lean & strong ... and get off the yo-yo weight cycling loop once and for all.


My Metabolic Nutrition Programs are for you if You...

  • Have a history of dieting and losing/gaining your weight over and over again
  • Obsess over food, calories & what to eat to reach your goals
  • Struggle with body shame and let the scale bully you
  • Feel overwhelmed by  healthy eating ... and don't know how to get started
  • Logically know *what* you should be doing to lose weight but you just can't get started
  • Don't understand what good nutrition is and find yourself cutting out foods or following rigid food rules
  • Don't trust yourself around food and feel like you're not capable of losing your weight
  • Overeat, cheat and binge when life gets nutty and you feel overwhelmed by life
  • Long to just feel healthy & have energy ... and to reach a healthy body weight without another diet or fad supplement
  • Deem food "good" or "bad" and judge yourself according to what you eat
  • Approach diets with an all-or-nothing mentality ... and quit when you can't be *perfect*

Option #1: Dieting 2 Thriving

Metabolic Nutrition Program for Women who Want to get Leaner & Stronger.

The Dieting 2 Thriving Program is for Diet-Fatigued Women who want to Master their Metabolism so They can Get Lean & Strong Without Dieting.

This is a program for women who want to build and strengthen their metabolism so they can achieve better body composition, 10x their energy levels & feel good in their skin again.

Group and 1:1 Coaching Program

Expert coaching, support and accountability to help you achieve sustainable results with a combination of group and 1:1 coaching sessions.

  • Metabolic Boosting Nutrition Plans with customized Macro Balances
  • 5-Phase Approach to Building & Strengthening your Metabolism
  • CORE Lifestyle & Mindful Eating Habits & Skills so you can build the Foundation & Framework for your Healthy Lifestyle
  • Female-Focused Approach to Help Heal the Root Causes with Women's Weight Issues

Get healthy, fit & body confident without dieting!

Replace diet rules and obsessive calorie counting with a deep understanding of how to nourish your body with the right balance of foods to help you get lean and strong.

Learn how to tune into your body, make mindful choices and adopt flexible eating strategies so you can have more energy, build a better relationship with food & your body and naturally reach (and maintain) a healthy body weight.

Start having those AHA moments quickly ...

Clients following my proven nutrition + lifestyle method start having amazing AHA moments with simple changes in only a few weeks. From having more energy to kicking carb and sugar cravings to the curb to feeling the freedom of no food rules ... there are so many benefits that happen quickly.

Trying to do this on Your Own only results in:

  • Getting overwhelmed at the process
  • Falling into more fad diets and/or wasting money on diet supplements that don't work
  • Playing guesswork with your nutrition and your health
  • Waiting to feel motivated or searching for the *best* diet
  • Restrictive eating practices which lead to cheating, binging & quitting (again)
  • Approaching weight loss with the all-or-nothing attitude and trying to be *perfect*
  • Losing weight on short-term diets with no idea how to maintain it long-term
  • Giving up your favourite foods and/or giving up whole food groups
  • Suffering through restrictive programs and racing to get back to 'normal eating' only to regain any weight you lost

Work with me - a woman who spent 30+ years in the diet trenches and who knows just how hard it can be to lose weight and try to make sense of all the diet misinformation out there. Reap the benefits of getting the combination of my personal experience combined with my professional education to help you escape from the world of yo-yo diets and learn how good it feels to know how to eat normally without all those pesky diet rules.

Team up with me and get a coach who will support you on your journey, help you reframe your thinking so you can confidently tackle life's challenges and give you the nutrition tools & knowledge you need to get healthy, strong and thrive!


Option #2: Bloom & Thrive Online Programs

Done-for-you Nutrition Programs so you can learn on your timeline. 

Balance to Thrive System

A complete nutrition program that teaches you the step-by-step process to learning exactly how to nourish your body and sustainably lose weight without dieting.

You'll learn the essential habits that will become the building blocks of your healthy lifestyle so you can stop relying on willpower & motivation and build confidence in your own ability to be able to show up for yourself. Every. Single. Day.

This online program is ideal if you have a history of dieting and want a solution that will help you swap dieting rules & behaviours for a healthy, balanced approach to weight loss without dieting.

This is also a great program for women not ready for 1:1 coaching or for health practitioner patients.


Option #2: Bloom & Thrive Online Programs

Done-for-you Nutrition Programs so you can learn on your timeline. 

Metabolic Kickstart Program

Women with a history of dieting typically have a slow metabolism which is one of the reasons why they struggle with weight loss.

This simple 4-week program provides women with all the tools to quickly fire up their metabolism so they can have more energy, shed inches and accelerate their results ... and do it without restrictive dieting practices.

This program is perfect for women who have hit a weight loss plateau, who have been dieting for a long time and seen their results slow, who feel exhausted on their current diets and want to press the reset button so you can keep making progress towards your goals.


The reality is most diets and weight loss progams out there just focus only on calories and exercise to get you results. These programs never get to the root cause of your weight loss resistance and they create unhealthy eating habits, poor nutrition & body image issues.

Sustainable weightloss is much more than just a calorie deficit and doing hours of cardio. Especially for women. And that is simply because much of our weight loss resistance is due to hormonal imbalances and poor metabolic health. A history of yo-yo dieting just makes these issues worse, not better.

Added to that, traditional diets encourage and exacerbate unhealthy eating habits, poor body image and self esteem.

Sustainable weight loss is more than calories and exercise. It requires whole health. Mind, body & soul.

My nutrition programs have a whole health focus with a proven approach to help you heal your body through balanced nutrition, build healthy habits to help you transform your eating habits & overall lifestyle. 

I want to empower you to take back control of your health and give you the tools, knowledge & support to completely transform your body and your life.

Ready to improve your health, build a healthy lifestyle and create a better relationship with your body ... in a way that leads to sustainable weight loss?

Book a free Clarity Call with me and take the first step towards creating a lifestyle that enables you to reach a healthy weight and confidently maintain it over time.

We'll dive into your challenges and what's holding you back from having a healthy relationship with food and come up with a plan that will enable you to move forward towards that life you want to lead. 

Yes, you can do this! No matter how many diets you've tried before, no matter how old you are or how frustrated you feel with your weight. You are fully capable of becoming the healthiest, strongest & happiest version of YOU. And I can help you get there!