Ready to lose that extra weight and get lean & strong - at the same time - but don't know how?

(FYI that's totally possible)

The Balance to Thrive System is a complete nutrition + lifestyle solution designed for you to balance your hormones, optimize your metabolism & improve your overall body composition.

All so you can ditch the frustrating yo-yo diet cycle and lose your weight in a healthy, sustainable way and keep it off forever.


Tired of Dieting and Feeling like your Body is Broken?

Then you're in the right spot. Listen, if you're like the thousands of women out there who just want to drop that extra weight so they can feel comfortable and confident in their skin again - you're not alone. There are hundreds of diets out there that make shiny promises of helping you lose your weight ... so why are so many women still struggling?

Well, it's because of three key problems.

Calories First Approach

The majority of  diets and weight loss programs out there, focus primarily on a calorie deficit. Their philosophy is: slash your calories, lose your weight. The problem is that this approach doesn't work well for women because it doesn't address the two major root causes of women's weight gain: hormones + slow metabolism. Using a calories first approach only makes hormonal imbalances and a slow metabolism worse ... which is why it so often sends women on a frustrating yo-yo diet journey instead of helping her lose weight.

Diets Designed for Men

Most traditional diets (keto, weight-watchers, paleo etc.) are based upon research and testing done on MEN. So while those programs work really well for men, they don't take into consideration the unique physiological needs women have to lose weight. It's important to realize that women's bodies have hormonal levels that fluctuate weekly, that our bodies are inclined to STORE fat, not release it and that women's metabolic differences impact everything from fat loss to muscle gain to body composition.

Looking for Quick Fix Solutions

Trying to solve their weight loss problems, women often gravitate towards plans and programs that offer quick results. The problem is that these 'quick fix' programs are based on satisfying their need for instant gratification and fail to teach them the real steps to healthy, sustainable weight loss. Not only that, but these short term diets teach women obsessive dieting rules, poor nutrition and encourage unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits. And when combined with a 'calories first' approach, women become stuck in dieting cycle they can't break.

Listen, I know that carrying extra weight is more than a physical problem. It adds mental weight too.

I've been there. I know what it's like to struggle with feeling ashamed because no matter what plan or program you try, you can't reach your goal. I know what it's like to always feel hangry and deprived, to struggle with cravings and sugar crashes until you just can't take it anymore. To feel like you can't live your best life because you hate your body and even simple things like wearing a bathing suit or buying clothes are too painful to do. Trust me, you're not alone.

Being overweight can make you feel desperate to reach your goals by any means necessary, even if it means sacrificing your health to get there. Because it's hard feeling exhausted everyday. It's hard dealing with feelings of body insecurity and low self esteem.

And I know that you just want to feel healthier, stronger ... to have more energy and to feel confident in your own skin again. So you can shed all those obsessive diets that are making you miserable and thrive.

 The problem is, if you don't ditch all those quick fix and traditional dieting practices, you're never going to heal the underlying issues that are keeping you from getting leaner and stronger.

And that's why I'm going to show you how to break this cycle so you can quit wasting time & money on weight loss plans that don't work and start learning the simple, step-by-step process to what does.

Imagine Never Having to Diet Again. 

Unlike other traditional weight loss and diet programs, this solution works because it focuses specifically on what women's bodies need to sustainably lose weight, get fit & feel confident in their skin again ... all without going on another restrictive diet.

Imagine learning how to get leaner and stronger without slashing your calories or doing hours and hours of cardio. Imagine feeling confident about what to eat to reach your goals and feeling satisfied after meals without struggling with cravings or sugar crashes.

Imagine the freedom of knowing how to eat normally (so you can stop obsessing over food rules) and feeling free to live your best life.

Imagine feeling energized, strong and body confident.

It's about MORE than Weightloss.

We don't lose weight just to lose weight. We do it to:

  • Have more energy everyday so we can keep up with our kids, stay focused at work and feel present in our lives.
  • Feel happy and at peace with our bodies so we can stop the constant inner critic and self judgement.
  • Create a better relationship with food so we can stop feeling scared of eating and start eating with confidence.
  • Avoid health issues and to dramatically improve our quality of life.
  • So we can THRIVE

Hey, I'm Heather.

Certified Nutrition Coach who specializes in Women's Nutrition. I'm the owner of Bloom & Thrive Nutrition and the Founder of the Balance to Thrive System.

I struggled with a slow metabolism, hormonal imbalances and obesity for much of my life. I was always the woman on a diet or struggling with body image issues. I made light of my seeming inability to lose my weight but inside it was no laughing matter.

My cycle of dieting took it's toll on my health. My body fat increased, my blood pressure skyrocketed and I was on the cusp of diabetes. I felt frustrated, overwhelmed and scared of my future.

Instead of helping me get lean, all the diets I tried made my metabolic and hormonal issues worse. I packed on fat, I was exhausted everyday, I struggled with motivation and I had problems focusing at work and at home.

I was, quite literally, a hot mess.

It wasn't until I stopped dieting that anything changed.

Ditching diets was the best choice I ever made. Once I did that, I was able to focus on healing my metabolic and hormonal issues through a specific nutrition protocol and lifestyle. 

And once my hormones were balanced, my metabolism was working properly and my body was nourished with the right balance of foods I was finally able to lose over 85 lbs and drop more than 10 dress sizes. And not just that, by adopting the right nutrition protocol and learning the essential healthy habits and strategies to maintaining a healthy body weight, I am able to keep my body healthy and strong.

And if I can do this, I know you can too.

This is what led me to creating the Balance to Thrive System

This program was created for YOU. The diet fatigued woman who wants to feel leaner, stronger & body confident.

The Balance to Thrive System is going to help you ...

  • Bring balance to your hormones and 10x your energy levels
  • Restore and improve your metabolic flexibility so your body releases fat & builds lean muscle
  • Heal nutritional deficiencies so your body gets healthier & stronger
  • Learn how to exercise to boost your metabolism, reduce body fat & increase lean muscle 
  • Decrease stress inflammation to improve your ability to focus 
  • Decrease your cravings for carbs and sugar
  • Improve your body composition so you feel strong, confident & sexy again
  • Build a lifestyle based upon simple, sustainable habits so you can easily maintain a healthy body weight


Here at Bloom & Thrive Nutrition I believe that every woman who wants to get healthy & fit should know exactly what to eat and how to live so she can reach her goals.

I also believe that every woman is different, with unique nutritional needs to help her feel her best.

The Balance to Thrive System was created for diet-fatigued women who want a sustainable solution that will help them optimize their health, balance their hormones and improve their metabolic function ... all so they can get leaner, stronger & feel body confident.

What makes the Balance to Thrive System unique?

1. It's designed for the specific nutritional needs of women.

Women do NOT lose weight the same way that men do. So it makes sense that we need a unique program that fits what our bodies require to get lean and strong.

Most traditional diets (keto, paleo, weight watchers etc) were created based upon research and testing done on MEN.

So while those programs work really well for men, they don't take into consideration just how different women's physiology is to men's.

And the majority of those programs focus on calories first with no thought to the impact on hormones or metabolism.

Which is why, no matter how many of those diets you try, you're not going to be able to sustainably lose weight.

Just consider that we as women have:

  • Hormonal levels that fluctuate weekly
  • Different physiological reactions to stress than men
  • An increased propensity to store fat rather than release it
  • Metabolic differences which impact everything from weight loss to muscle gain to body composition

It just makes sense that women require a nutrition protocol and program that is tailored to what our bodies need to get leaner and stronger.

2. It was created for busy, diet-fatigued women who have been there, done that and just want off the diet rollercoaster.

Listen, if you've got a history of dieting then you also have a history of following 'diet rules' and looking for quick fix solutions.

Those rules and quick fixes are not going to help you attain your dream body. But, without knowing how to improve your lifestyle and eating habits so you can create the foundation of a lifestyle that supports you - even when life gets crazy - you're always going to struggle on that diet loop.

The Balance to Thrive System is designed for diet fatigued women to find BALANCE and create a lifestyle that enables them to attain - and maintain - a healthy body weight. 

Good-bye diet rollercoaster. Hello sustainable lifestyle.




  • A fully personalized nutrition plan created specifically for YOU based on your unique goals.
  • A step by step system on how to balance your hormones & improve metabolic health for tons of natural energy
  • Simple strategies to help you break obsessive dieting practices and unhealthy eating habits so you can learn how to eat normally
  • How to exercise to improve your body composition & lower body fat
  • How to optimize your health so you reduce your risks for disease
  • Access to a Private Community where you can get the peer support, encouragement & help you need from women on the same journey as you.
  • Lifetime access to the Balance to Thrive System trainings, videos and updates
  • Mindset Mastery - learning how to treat yourself with respect & ditch the diet mindset

Who is the Balance to Thrive System for?

The Balance to Thrive System is for any - yes, any - woman who is ready to lose her weight in a simple, healthy & sustainable way.

Whether you have struggled on diet after diet with no success or you're suddenly gaining weight due to hormonal changes associated with getting older, The Balance to Thrive System can help you bring balance to your hormones, improve your metabolic flexibility & optimize your overall health.

In layman's terms, I can help you get leaner, stronger & have tons more energy. So you feel healthy, happy and body confident.

So if you've struggled with ...

  • Losing and gaining the same weight over and over again
  • Feeling hangry and deprived on low-cal diets
  • Cravings for carbs and sugar laden foods everyday
  • Feeling exhausted - even after you've had a full night's sleep 
  • Focusing and staying present during the day
  • Body image and self esteem issues
  • Obsessive calorie counting and unhealthy eating habits
  • Mustering up the motivation to workout or go for a walk or eat healthy meals even though you KNOW they would make you feel better
  • Avoiding social situations because you feel self conscious about your weight
  • Knowing what and how much food to eat everyday

Then I can definitely help you, not just lose weight but dramatically transform your lifestyle too.

"Heather is a wonderful inspiring coach and the program materials are top notch-both gave me a much needed push to get started taking care of myself!"

-Rebecca Bourbonnais

Here's What You will Learn Inside the Balance to Thrive System:

Phase 1: Optimizing your Nutrition & Health

The first phase of the program is all about healing underlying nutritional deficiencies and helping you create a healthy foundation.

You start off with a personalized nutrition protocol designed for YOU, your body, your lifestyle. This protocol will help you increase the nutrients in your body so you feel healthier and have more energy.

Next I teach you how your body works - from hormones to metabolic function - so you know what your body needs and why other diets didn't work. This way you can definitively understand how your hormones and metabolism impact your ability to release fat and lose weight.

Third, you'll set smart goals, define your WHY and create a clear action plan to make those goals happen.

Finally, you'll learn what foods to eat to curb cravings, keep you feeling full longer and help you burn fat.

Phase 2: Improving Metabolic Function & Balancing Hormones

In this second phase, you're going to focus on learning how to flip the switch on your metabolism and improve your body composition.

You're going to bring balance to your body with consistent nutrition by becoming a meal planning & prepping pro. As you build consistency with eating healthy, you'll help your body shift from storing body fat to feeling comfortable about releasing it.

You'll learn how to exercise so you can improve your body composition and reduce body fat. You'll get workouts that will help you build lean muscle and stoke your metabolism that take 30 minutes (or less) to do.

I'll teach you how to power your way through weight loss plateaus with one simple strategy and burn hundreds of extra calories a day.

Finally, you'll learn stress management  strategies so you can lower cortisol levels, increase energy and turn off fat-storing hormones.

Phase 3: Creating Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Habits

The third phase of the program, you'll focus on building lifestyle habits that will form the foundation of your healthy lifestyle.

I will teach you how to decrease hunger hormones by improving the quality of your sleep and creating a simple sleep ritual that enables you to skyrocket your energy levels.

You'll learn mindful eating practices and strategies so you can stop obsessive calorie counting and start eating normally.

I'll teach you how to identify emotional eating habits and develop strategies so that you can heal underlying emotional issues and gain control over your eating habits.

I'll fine tune your nutrition protocol, now that your body is healthier, and set you up to start making fast progress towards your goals.

You'll continue to practice and master all the healthy habits you've learned up until now so you can build confidence in your own abilities not just to lose weight, but to confidently maintain it over time.

Phase 4: Creating a Mindset for Success

In this final phase of the program, you'll learn simple strategies to improve your mindset so you can improve your mental health, increase self esteem and develop a more positive body image.

You'll learn how to change the way you think and behave with respect to your body, food and your nutrition.

You'll discover how to develop a positive mindset that focuses on simple 1% improvements so you can ditch diet beliefs, rules and culture.

You'll learn how to maximize your motivation so you can overcome everyday challenges and special events.

You'll discover how to evaluate limiting beliefs about weight loss and your own body so you can cultivate a more postive perspective towards yourself.

Finally, you'll start to evaluate all aspects of your life so that you can live a life that fulfills you, makes you happy and helps you thrive!


Here's the truth:

I'm tired of watching women blame themselves because they can't seem to lose weight on traditional diets and weight loss programs. It's not your fault - it's the diets you've been trying over and over again ... without success.

I want to radically change the industry and EMPOWER women to transform both their bodies and their lifestyles without restrictive dieting practices. 

Let me help you believe in yourself and show you that you ARE capable of reaching your goals when you bring balance to your hormones, improve your metabolic flexibility and optimize your health. In the Balance to Thrive System, I've broken it all down into a simple step-by-step system that will enable you to finally get leaner, stronger and feel good in your skin again.

It's up to you. Are you ready to be strong?

Ready to get Lean, Strong & Body Confident?

Get *the* program designed for diet-fatigued women who just want a simple solution that WORKS


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