The Better Way to Build Better Body Composition So You can Finally get Leaner, Stronger & Feel Good in your Skin again.



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What would it feel like to ...

FREE YOURSELF from diet overwhelm and yo-yo dieting ... to knowing exactly what to do and how to eat to build better body composition so you that you're healthier, fitter and feel body confident? 

GET LEANER AND STRONGER while eating an abundance of food and training your metabolism to run efficiently so you can stop being afraid of food and  regaining your weight?

FEEL GOOD IN YOUR SKIN AGAIN and cultivate a better relationship with your body that makes you feel strong & empowered AF.


Without being sabotogued by ...

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Which doesn't burn calories efficiently no matter how hard you work. A metabolism that always seems to be stuck in the "off" position.

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That slow your metabolism, make you afraid of food and train your body to GAIN fat, not lose it. Diets that you can't stick to and which make you feel like complete crap. 

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Hormone imbalances and chronic inflammation that keep your metabolism locked down and promote fat gain - not fat loss. Root issues that diets don't fix.


Then I have good news for you.

The truth is, you're not a failure. You ARE capable of - not just losing your weight - but getting leaner, stronger & body confident.

And of doing it in a way that helps you develop a healthy relationship with food and heal the underlying issues that are keeping you unhealthy & overweight.

The trouble is up until now, you've been following diets that don't heal the root issues of your weight problems. Not only that, they teach you that losing weight is the morst important goal, which is absolutely NOT true. And they've taught you unhealthy diet rules that have helped you create both a poor understanding of nutrition, but also fostered a bad relationship with food and your body.

You didn't fail them. They failed YOU.

The truth is diets don't work. While they enable you to temporarily shed weight (mostly water and muscle weight), they set you up for fat GAIN, not fat loss.

Let me explain ...

Diets, like Noom or Weight Watchers or any other 1200 calorie diet are based on a diet model that was researched, tested on and meant for how men get lean. Not women.

These diets fail to take into account how your hormones affect your metabolism and our weight. They spike your stress hormones, switch on your fat storing hormones, and slow your metabolism making it ridiculously hard for women to lose weight and keep it off. This is why men can lose 2 - 3x the same amount of weight as a woman when they are doing the exact same diet.

Not only that, but these diets train you to undereat which deprives your body of adequate nutrients and also trains your metabolism to run super slow. Over time, your body stops burning calories efficiently, regardless of how hard you work. This is why women hit plateaus and gain their weight back as soon as they start eating normally again.

Added to that, women carry extra weight because of root issues like chronic inflammation and hormonal imbalances. Diets exacerbate hormone issues and often fail to heal inflammation because they teach women to count calories and points instead of learning proper nutrition. This is why many women either regain their weight or simply cannot lose weight regardless of how "good" they are. 

And finally, diets reduce our lean muscle and hurt our body composition. Women typically will lose up to 25% of their lean muscle on a standard diet and when she regains weight, it's typically all fat. Without lean muscle, your metabolism slows down, burning calories less efficiently. Over time, as you keep going "back to" diets your body composition gets worse and worse, further slowing your metabolism, reducing your ability to lose weight and setting you up for obesity related diseases. 

So, that's the bad news.

The good news is that you can reverse the damage that diets have done to your body. You can train your metabolism to run more efficiently so you can eat normally while still getting leaner and stronger.

And you can do it without giving up your favourite foods, doing tons of cardio or feeling hangry and deprived.

But it means you have to STOP chasing weight loss and START building better body composition.


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Have you ever said to yourself ...

  • "I have tried every diet and nothing works. I just want to know what to do and how to eat to get leaner and feel healthier."
  • "I think my metabolism is broken. I'm doing all the right things but I keep hitting plateaus and I can't seem to lose any body fat."
  • "I am tired of hating my body. I just want to wear clothes I like and feel good in my skin again."
  • "I'm tired of dieting all the time, counting calories and never getting sustainable results."
  • "No matter what diet I try or how hard I work, I always end up binging, cheating and quitting on myself."
  • "I just don't think I'm capable of reaching a healthy weight."
  • "Why can't I get lose weight like my husband does? Why is it SO hard?"
  • "No matter what I do or how hard I work, the weight always comes back."
  • "My willpower sucks. I just can't stick to a diet because I'm always SO hungry!"

I get it. I used to feel the same way.


I sincerely believed I would never lose my weight or like my body.

When it comes to diets, you name it - I probably tried it. I grew up with a mom who was always dieting and because from an early age I struggled with my weight, I started counting calories and developing unhealthy food habits in my teens.

I would go on super restrictive diets, lose weight and then gain it all back again when I went back to "normal" eating. I never figured out how to maintain a healthy weight and I didn't understand nutrition at all.

I felt like a failure. I felt hopless about my weight and when I hit 40 I called it quits with the dieting BS and impossible food rules.

I worked with a nutritionist and went back to school for nutrition.

I finally learned the root cause of why so many of us women are struggling with weight issues.

I started fixing the root issues of why I was overweight and began healing my body through the power of metabolic nutrition. I adopted a hormone balancing diet and by doing so I helped harmonize my hormones and completely transform my health so I was no longer at risk for diabetes or heart disease.

I switched my focus from weight loss to building better body composition which in turn helped me build a stronger metabolism and build a leaner, fitter physique.

I didn't just lose weight, I shed over 15% of my body fat which helped me go from a size 22+ to a size 10 in just 18 months. 

created a healthier relationship with food, replacing diet rules and beliefs with good nutrition so I could start eating normally.

I lifted weights and built lean muscle, a process that was incredibly empowering and which helped me redefine my perception of myself and improve my relationship with my body.

And I created a program to help other women do the same.

Going through dieting hell.

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Finally, healthy & strong.

I only teach what I know. Which is simple strategies for helping women build better body composition and optimize their metabolic health.



Imagine how it would feel to...

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Be able to shed body fat without obsessing over calories or taking "fat burning" supplements or doing tons of cardio?

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Know exactly how to eat and what to do to get leaner, stronger & have tons of energy? All while eating the most food possible.

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Be happy with how you look. To feel body confident whether you're rocking your fave jeans or a bathing suit at the beach?


Especially if all you've ever known is how to diet and battle your weight.

The truth is, if you have a history of dieting then you've spent a lot of money and invested emotionally in diets that promise you quick fixes and amazing results and rarely deliver.

For me, I realized I was chasing a scale weight which was causing me to go on diet after diet, always losing and gaining the same weight over and over.  Over time, I was fatter and more unhealthy than I was before I started dieting. 

This was frustrating because I didn't understand what I was doing wrong. I didn't get how my body worked. If you've battled your weight, then I am sure you understand.

I had to change my approach. In order to do that, I had to better understand my body so I could work *with* it and quit the yo-yo dieting that was only making my issues worse, not better.

What I discovered was that my body composition is way more important than my weight. I was chasing the wrong goal.

A healthy body composition is one that includes a lower percentage of body fat and a higher percentage of non-fat mass like muscles, bones and organs. 

Better body composition means your metabolism runs faster, your body is healthier and you're less at risk for diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

Building better body composition helps women avoid or reduce menopausal weight gain, bone loss and their risk of developing osteoporosis.

And building better body composition helps reduce visceral fat which is stored in vital organs which can contribute to heart disease, diabetes, stroke and high cholesterol.

Not to mention because muscle is less dense than fat, it takes up less space and having more of it helps create a leaner, stronger physique regardless of how much you weigh.

In a nutshell, women who have better body composition are healthier, burn more calories, are able to eat more food and maintain a healthy weight without dieting.

And better body composition has very little to do with what you weigh.

Healthy people come in ALL sizes. What makes them healthy is not how much they weigh but rather the proportion of lean muscle to body fat. 

This was a GAME CHANGER for me.

I had been chasing the WRONG goal my whole life, going on diets that had hurt my body composition, stalled out my metabolism and made me fatter,  not slimmer.

I had to relearn nutrition so I could ditch diet rules and eat in a way that fueled my metabolism, lowered inflammation markers and kept my hormones happy.

I  had to focus on building lean muscle FIRST so that I could boost my metabolism and make it easier to lose body fat.

I had to learn how to work *with* my body, always giving it the right amount and balance of foods so that over time, it felt safe enough to release body fat so my body could become leaner and stronger. 

I had to reframe what healthy looked like and what it meant so I could start appreciating my body and let go of getting "skinny" or reaching a "goal weight" and instead focus on becoming the strongest, healthiest and most badass version of ME.

And once I'd done that, I felt FREE. Free of diets and diet rules. Free of the need to fit some ideal body weight.  Free to simply embrace my body and feel proud of it.

THIS was what I'd been missing from all the other diets and plans I'd ever tried.

And this is what I teach you inside the program. This better body composition philosophy and flexible approach to getting healthy, lean & strong.

So you can stop chasing a scale weight and start becoming the healthiest, strongest and most badass version of YOU.

It sounds simple and it is. The problem however is that ...

Every diet out there teaches you how to restrict & punish your body into something you love. Which of course, never works.


Because you've been trained to believe that weight is the only thing that matters. 

You've been trained to want "quick fixes" and overnight results.

You've been taught to starve your body - and your metabolism - which makes it SO much harder to lose weight. 

And you've been told that if you cut out certain food groups or skip meals or take "fat burners" that you'll magically wake up lean and toned. Sorry, but these are all #dietlies.

Healthy fat loss and improved body composition isn't an overnight fix. It's time we stopped acting like it is.

You need a plan that  focuses on  HEALING your body. On TEACHING you about good nutrition so you can transform your body, optimize your health and 10x your energy levels.

So you feel EMPOWERED about food and CONFIDENT in your ability to get lean, strong and healthy.  And stay that way.

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You have to learn how to heal, nourish & strengthen your body.

In order to reach a healthy weight, first you have to BE healthy.

How many times have you gone on diets and felt like complete crap on them?

Where you ate so few calories that you just couldn't take it anymore?

You didn't quit because your willpower failed you. You quit because it wasn't healthy or sustainable.

I know how hard it is to lose weight. I also know how good it feels when you finally give your body the right amount - and balance of food - so that you have tons of energy and ditch the cravings.

No more slashing calories, give-up-your-fave-foods plans. No more going back to "normal" eating and regaining your weight.

That's a recipe for a slow metabolism and weight GAIN - it's the formula most diets use and it's why you're stuck where you're at right now.

Why bother dieting when you hate the process and you don't know how to keep it off? Is this a process you want to do for the rest of your life?

I hated every second of dieting hell. It's why I was determined to reach my goals in a way that put my health FIRST ...

... and in a way that I could live.

The truth is the path to improving your body composition is all about creating a lifestyle that is flexible, sustainable and livable.

I dropped 10 dress sizes and got in the best shape of my life by following a program that strengthened healed my body.

I didn't give up my favourite foods, but I did learn how to eat so I felt energized & satisfied all day long.

I didn't workout every day or do a ton of crazy cardio workouts, but I did learn how to move and strengthen my body in a way I enjoyed.

I didn't buy fat loss supplements or magic pills, but I did buy into my own ability to reach a healthy weight and stay there.

Every day I learned how to show up for myself so I could stay motivated & confident.

I learned nutrition fundamentals so I could repair the damage diets had done and STOP starving my body (and my metabolism) and finally heal it.

I figured out how to make my body feel SAFE enough to get lean by eating more food and building metaoblic flexibility.

I learned how to treat myself with respect, kindness & grace so I could finally be at peace with food and my body.

It took me 18 months to get lean and strong - where I looked and felt like a million bucks. It felt even better when I was able to eat normally without fear of regaining weight.

You see, I didn't just lose a bunch of weight. I completely transformed my body so that I had that toned physique I had always wanted.

And it enabled me to finally feel like the powerful, strong, badass woman I was.

Which is what I can teach you, if you're ready to ditch the dieting lifestyle and learn how to build better body composition, improve your metabolic health and build a lifestyle that enables you to thrive.


The Better Body Composition Program

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A metabolic nutrition + fitness program where you’ll learn how to build better body composition and master your metabolism so you can get leaner, stronger and feel empowered about your body. 




Why is the Better Body Composition Program different?

I focus on building better body composition, not on weight loss. I teach you how to build a strong, healthy metabolism through the power of good nutrition & a healthy lifestyle.

I know that in order to get the results you want, first you have to fix the problem (AKA your slow metabolism).

Then you need to understand how your body works, so you can work smarter - not harder.

So you build both consistency & confidence in food,  yourself and your own abilities to be able to reach your goals in a way that is healthy, flexible & fun.

So you can stop dieting & start treating your body with respect.

I focus on 3 key things inside the program:












  • Short term weight loss (combination of water, muscle and fat loss)
  • Decreased lean muscle mass and bone density
  • Slower metabolic rate
  • Body composition worsens as lean muscle is reduced and body fat is increased - especially if the dieting cycle is repeated
  • Trains your body to not burn calories efficiently so you have to eat less and less food to see results
  • Spikes cortisol (stress hormones), flips on fat storing hormones and worsens hormone balance causing fat gain
  • Some decrease in inflammation (depending on the quality of foods eaten)
  • Adherance to strict "diet rules" that promote obsessive calorie/point counting, unhealthy eating habits & poor understanding of nutrition
  • Feeling frustrated with your body when it doesn't release weight quickly
  • Poor energy levels & feeling like crap
  • Increased sugar/carb cravings and "hangry" feelings
  • Weight plateaus after awhile and then is regained quickly after the diet is over



  • Sustainable fat loss with reduced body fat and visceral fat
  • Increased lean muscle mass and bone density
  • Improved metabolic rate which enables your body to burn calories efficiently, even at rest
  • Body composition improves, creating a leaner, stronger physique that improves over time as body fat is reduced and lean muscle is added
  • Trains your body to burn calories more efficiently so you can eat MORE food while still seeing results
  • Improved hormone and blood sugar balance facilitating fat loss
  • Decreased inflammation levels with decreased risk of diabetes, heart disease & more
  • Improved knowledge of nutrition that promotes healthy, mindful eating habits and a better relationship with food
  • Feeling empowered about your body and dramatically more body confident
  • Increased energy levels & balanced moods
  • Reduced sugar cravings and feeling satisfied after meals
  • Able to maintain a healthy weight


The results speak for themselves...

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"I have struggled with my weight my whole life and I was recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Heather worked with me to create a nutrition plan that would help balance my blood sugar levels and heal my body. And it's working! Only a few months in and I have more energy, I'm losing inches like crazy and best of all I'm doing it while eating a ton of food! I am feeling so good about the process and am so grateful to have Heather for the support and accountability I need."


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"I want to say a big thank you to Heather for guiding me with my life transformation. I have been working with her for over 8 months now, keeping me accountable and on track as I work towards my goals. Slow and steady wins in my book. I love how we dive deep in coaching sessions and how she makes me think about not just what's happening but why. Thank you Heather for helping me believe in myself."


You don't need another low-calorie, zero-fun diet that you'll quit next week.

You just need to understand how and what to eat so you can fire up your metabolism, build a lean physique & feel good in your skin again.

I'm not going to lie to you.

The journey isn't always easy. You'll have to do both the  work to heal and create a better relationship with food & your body.

You'll screw up and things won't go as planned.

That's 100% okay.

I am going to teach you a flexible and balanced approach to building a healthy, strong body that makes you feel good and which gives you tons of energy.

So you don't just lose a little weight - you give your body what it needs to get healthy, lean and strong.

And stop dieting ... for good.

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Here's how the program works ...

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Healing Phase

Heal your body & create a healthy foundation.

Here's what you're going to learn:

  • Healing Nutrition designed to heal inflammation, hormonal imbalances & fire up your metabolism (essential after a lifetime of dieting).
  • Fitness Basics that introduce you to CORE movement & exercise strategies that are tailored to helping women unlock their feminine power & get lean and strong.
  • Foundational Healthy Habits that are vital to helping you build the framework for your healthy lifestyle so you can improve your consistency, competancy & confidence levels.
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Muscle Building Phase

Strengthen your body & build lean muscle.

Here's what you're going to learn:

  • Muscle Building Nutrition tailored to help you fuel your metabolism (hint: this is where you ditch that dieting mindset and learn how to get results while eating ALL the food!).
  • Metabolic Boosting Fitness Strategies that will enable you to build lean muscle, fire up your metabolism & feel body confident!
  • Hormone Balancing Habits that will help reduce sugar cravings, give you more energy & help you feel happier. 
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Re-Balancing Phase

Create balance & harmony in your body.

Here's what you're going to learn:

  • Balanced Nutrition that will help you rebalance after a period of strength training or body recomposition so you feel amazing.
  • CORE Mindful Eating Habits which will have you reconnecting with your body, learning how to trust your hunger & fullness cues and honoring your body's needs without guilt.
  • ReBalancing Fitness Strategies to help you maintain your physique, improve metabolic flexibility and create a fitness regimen you enjoy.
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Body Recomposition Phase

Body recomposition phase designed to help you get leaner.

Here's what you're going to learn:

  •  The  Better Body Composition Method that will work with your body's own cycle (sensing a theme here yet?) so you improve metabolic flexibility and reduce body fat while eating the most food possible.
  • Body Recomposition Fitness Strategies that will help you get leaner & reveal all those muscles you built!
  • CORE Body Positivity Exercises to help you improve your body confidence and acceptance so that you can release negativity and start treating your body with love & respect.
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Thriving Phase

Maintain your weight & start thriving.

Here's what you're going to learn (and practice):

  • The Maintenance Method which will enable you to maintain your weight long term so you can feel confident and in control of your weight.
  • Life Balance Strategies that will have you evaluating all aspects of your life so you can create boundaries, set priorities and create a lifestyle you love.
  • Thriving Nutrition that gives you the framework to keep your metabolism revving so you can easily maintain your weight without dieting again.


You're also going to get access to:

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Thrive Library Vault

This is the ultimate library of weight loss resources! There's guides and workbooks on all aspects of good nutrition, healthy eating & living for you to access. What do I do when I hit a plateau? How do I read food labels? You got questions? I've got answers!

Value = $397

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Healthy Recipe Collection

Want to eat healthy meals that you actually enjoy (and that your family will too)? I got you covered! In this extensive collection of recipes for every meal, I provide you with hundreds of meal and snack ideas to make healthy eating both nutritious and delicious.

Value = $397

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Do you struggle with motivation or staying motivated? Ever find yourself asking friends and people in your Facebook groups for motivation inspiration? This mini course puts an end to that struggle so you never have to look to others for motivation.

Value = $197

Ready to snag over $1,000 in bonuses?



Here's what you get when you join.

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Instant access to the complete Better Body Composition program
As soon as you join, you get access to the complete program so you can start learning & taking action right away. Plus you'll be able to book your first coaching session and complete the nutrition questionaire to get your customized nutrition plan.
(value = $997)
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Bi-Weekly Live Group Coaching Sessions
As part of your membership, you get access to 2 - 60 minute scheduled group coaching calls a month where you can get coached, listen to coaching and get answers to all your questions. Get the accountability, support and personalized feedback you need in a supportive peer setting that is both fun & empowering. 
(value = $197/mth)
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Your Own Personalized Nutrition Plan
To maximize your success in this program, I provide you with a personalized nutrition plan that is tailored to YOU and the specific phase of the program you're going through. No guessing about what or how much food to eat - just a clear cut personalized plan so you can reach your goals. 
(value = $147/phase)
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As part of your membership, you get access to our Members Only Community. I love how amazingly supportive our women's only community is. With 24/7 access, you can connect with other women who - just like you - are working towards healthy weightloss and fitness goals. Get the help, support, guidance and advice you need. And yup, I'm a regular visitor, cheerleader & ass-kicker. 
(value = $297)
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1:1 Coaching  (VIP Membership)
When you opt for a Gold Membership, you gain exclusive access to me  to reach your goals. Every month you get 2 - 3o minute private coaching sessions + 1:1 support via private message to get personalized feedback, coaching & support to help you push past roadblocks or challenges & stay motivated and on track. 
(value = $397/mth)
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Member Only Events
Joining the Better Body Composition Membership gives you access to special events with Heather.
From virtual workshops and classes to special in person events, you'll be able to attend these events that are only available to members. 
(value = $397)
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Bonus #1: Thrive Library Vault
(value = $697)
Placeholder Image
Bonus #2: Healthy Recipe Collection
(value = $397)
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Bonus #3: Mastering Motivation Mini-Course
(value = $397)
The total value of your first month in  the program & membership including the personalized nutrition plan, coaching support and bonuses is over $3,900,

but you can get started today for only $597.


$597 FEE


  • Complete Better Body Composition Program
  • Personalized Nutrition Plan with Macro Balance to get you started (Includes up to 2 refinements to nutrition plan)
  • Thrive Library Vault
  • Healthy Recipe Collection
  • Mastering Motivation Mini-Course
  • Private Members Only Community for Peer Support, Motivation & Accountability
  • Exclusive Access to Members Only Events

The Self-Study option gives clients the opportunity to access the program, members-only community and get a personalized nutrition plan to get started.

Clients can opt to upgrade to a package including coaching for support, accountability and unlimited refinements to their nutrition plan at any time. 




$97/month after your first 30 days.

  • Complete Better Body Composition Program
  • Personalized Nutrition Plan with Macro Balance (refined every phase and as you make progress)
  • Group Coaching with Heather (2 - 60 minute sessions a month)
  • Thrive Library Vault
  • Healthy Recipe Collection
  • Mastering Motivation Mini-Course
  • Private Members Only Community for Peer Support, Motivation & Accountability
  • Exclusive Access to Members Only Events

The Initial Fee is billed when you sign up and includes the program fee + your first month's BBC membership fee. You'll get instant access to the Better Body Composition Program, community, membership & more.

After 30 days, you'll be billed $97/mth for your BBC membership fee.




$197/month after your first 30 days.

  • Complete Better Body Composition Program
  • Personalized Nutrition Plan with Macro Balance (refined every phase and as you make progress)
  • 1:1 Coaching Sessions (2 - 30 minute sessions per month) for personalized support & accountability
  • Group Coaching with Heather (2 - 60 minute sessions per month)
  • 1:1 support via private message for ongoing personalized help & accountability
  • Thrive Library Vault
  • Healthy Recipe Collection
  • Mastering Motivation Mini-Course
  • Private Members Only Community for Peer Support, Motivation & Accountability
  • Exclusive Access to Members Only Events

The Initial Fee is billed when you sign up and includes the program fee + your first month's BBC membership fee. You'll get instant access to the Better Body Composition Program, community, membership & more.

After 30 days, you'll be billed $197/mth for your BBC membership fee.

As it is our mission to ensure our clients have the BEST support and experience, we only have 10 VIP coaching spots available. Scoop up your spot today!

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"I learned so much about myself through this program and essentially how restricted my eating habits were. It is amazing how the media, society, and family can impact one's self image! Through this program I have learned to heal myself from dieting and appreciate my body! Heather helped re-define what "healthy" is and how many factors play into weight loss.  Heather has an excellent way of approaching weight loss. Her program is very flexible and she is very supportive and understanding of her client's backgrounds.  I am very grateful for this program and will continue to eat healthy and treat my body well!"


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"Only 3 weeks in and I am loving how easy the program is to follow. The personalized nutrition plan + the step by step program is already making a huge difference in my energy levels and blood sugar balance.
I also love that I am starting out with WAY more food than I've ever eaten on any diet. I am able to make better food choices without deprivation and from just doing that, I've already lost 5 lbs. Thank you!"



You're covered by our guarantee.

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We want you to be happy with your purchase and that's why we offer our clients a 10-Day Money Back Guarantee.* If you don't believe that the Better Body Composition Program is for you and that the Better Body Composition Method and Personalized Nutrition Plan won't help you reach your goals, then just let us know and we'll refund your joining fee.

*The money back guarantee applies to first-time clients only and clients must meet certain criterial to qualify. See our full terms here.

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Hey there, I'm Heather.


I'm a women's nutrition coach who specializes in working with diet-fatigued women. I'm a no BS kind of coach who is fiercely dedicated to helping my clients become healthy, strong & body confident.

I know just how much misinformation is out there in the diet industry. I know if you're here, that you've probably spent hundreds of dollars on diet books, foods and supplements ... just looking for a solution that works.

And after 30+ years of dieting myself, I understand the emotional toll that diets take on you and your own sense of self worth and confidence.

That's why I'm on a mission to help women stop dieting and start thriving

So you can stop wasting time, money & emotional energy on diets that doen't work ... and start building a lifestyle that enables you to be the healthiest, strongest & happiest version of YOU.

Every woman deserves to know how good it feels to be healthy & fit. To be at peace with food and to love how she looks no matter what she is wearing.

Are you ready to be strong?


Let me give you something to think about.

The diet industry is a multi-billion dollar industry with programs and plans written by well-meaning gurus, coaches and trainers who've NEVER STRUGGLED WITH THEIR WEIGHT.

These programs are based on research done on men - young, healthy, fit men - who don't struggle with the same weight issues women do. It's a fact, that women need a different approach to get healthy & strong.

Which is why I often get messages and work with clients who are fed up with paying for programs that aren't sustainable or livable. The truth is, every time you start and quit a new diet, it takes a physical and emotional toll on you. Your metabolism slows down and your body slowly accumulates more body fat than lean muscle - making it uber hard to lose weight.

Not only that you keep wasting money and chipping away at your self confidence with each diet you go on.

I know. I went through that too.

The truth is, you need someone - like me - who gets your struggles. Who knows what it's like to feel out of control around food and to want to lose weight but after a lifetime of dieting, not know where to start.

I get where you're at. I know that pain.  I had to go through my own weight loss journey in order to be able to teach you how to get healthier, leaner & stronger. And I've helped many women improve their body composition as well as heal the physical and emotional issues that were holding them back.

You ARE capable of reaching your goals. I can teach you how and provide you with the support and understanding of someone who has walked in your shoes and who passionately believes in YOU. 



Frequently Asked Questions

No questions! I'm ready for this!

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You are so ready for this journey.


You're ready to ditch the meal plans, magic pills, slimming wraps and all the other gimmicks that have failed you in the past.

You're ready to stop slashing your calories and looking for overnight quick fixes that only make you miserable and chip away at your self confidence.

You're ready to do the work.

To invest TIME in you. In your health. In improving your relationship with food. In learning to love your body and treat it well.

And in committing to do the hard work - the mental work - that comes with any kind of successful body transformation.

It's worth it, hell YOU'RE worth it.

You can do this. I can help.


Here's how it works ...



$97/m after your first 30 days

  • Dieting to Thriving Program
  • Personalized Nutrition Plan with Macro Balance
  • 1:1 Coaching Session (1 per month)
  • Group Coaching with Heather
  • Private Members Only Community
  • Exclusive Access to Members Only Events

The joining fee is billed when you sign up. You'll get instant access to the Dieting to Thriving Program, community, membership & more.

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Save $167 (its like getting almost 2 months FREE) when you opt to pay for the program + annual membership up front. You'll get instant access to the Dieting to Thriving Program, community, membership & more.

At the end of 12 months you can renew on a month to month basis.


The Better Body Composition Program Opens in September 1st, 2021.

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