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Learn how you can go from staying stuck in that neverending diet cycle, losing & gaining the same weight over and over and feeling like a failure because you just can't lose your weight  ...

To understanding exactly how to nourish and nurture your body so that you can fix the root cause of why you can't lose weight and start healing your relationship with food and your body.

So you can finally ditch the frustrating diet cycle and feel confident  you can reach and maintain a healthy body weight.

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To the Courageous Woman Who's Ready To Stop Dieting ... For Good

I know exactly what it's like to struggle on an endless stream of diets. All more restrictive than the last ... only to quit when I just couldn't take it anymore.

I know that pain and frustration well. I spent 30+ years in the dieting trenches trying to "figure it out". With no long-term success.

But then I discovered a new approach to food and sustainable, healthy living - not just for myself but for all of my clients. A system that is free of restrictive dieting practices and the pressure of following a program perfectly in order to succeed and feel good about yourself.

You deserve to be free of diets, to find that balance & peace and helping women just like you is my passion. I sincerely believe that every woman who wants to be healthy & happy, should know exactly how to nourish her body and what steps to follow so she can reach and maintain a healthy body weight.

If you're a "HELL YEA" (not "kinda") ready to end the struggle with your body and food for good, to lose weight without dieting, and to build a life that enables you to feel energized, strong & healthy then I invite you to begin your journey by reserving your spot now for your Clarity Call with me.

Fill out the short application to secure your spot. Your appointment is confirmed only after you've filled out that application.

Together, let's create a personalized plan to help you end your miserable dieting cycle and begin a new, healthy relationship that will help you feel confident about food and build a lifestyle where you thrive.

With love & motivation,

Heather Cook


  • Dive deep so I can get a clear picture of what your biggest struggles and frustrations are with respect to food, dieting and weight loss. We'll get clarity on what beliefs are keeping you stuck in that dieting loop and what's holding you back from reaching a healthy body weight
  • End the desperation and start creating a vision of what you - and your life - will look like when you finally understand how to nourish your body and create a lifestyle where you can eat normally ... and thrive
  • Discuss next steps and if I feel I can help you and that we're a good fit to work together, then we will create a personalized plan using a proven system that myself and all of my clients have used to end lifelong dieting, weight cycling and unhealthy eating habits ... for GOOD!

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Your online consultation is the first step towards creating the lifestyle and positive relationship with food & your body that you've been missing.

It's your opportunity to get clarity on what's really going on and get help so you can stop staying stuck in a cycle that has you miserable, frustrated and feeling hopeless.

Yes! You really can ditch diets and reach a healthy weight in a way that feels good. It doesn't matter how many diets you've tried in the past or how old you are. I will be there to guide and empower you all the way to your goals!