The Real Reasons Why you Can't Lose Weight

As we make the shift into the new year, the diet industry is out in full force. Everywhere you look, there are ads and videos on how to lose weight quickly or on some 'magic' pill or plan that is going to make all the difference for you.

I'm just going to call all that hype what it is: bullshit.

That doesn't stop many of us from wanting to believe the hype. Of hoping that THIS TIME it will be different. I hate to break the bubble but the reality is, these diets and plans and fat burning supplements aren't going to give you what you really need to sustainably lose weight AND keep it off long term. It's not how they were designed. Most of them are designed to give you quick results but ultimately make you so miserable that you want to ditch them and go back to 'regular eating'. Then when you've packed on the weight again, give their plans or products another go.

It's a system designed to help you fail, over and over again. It makes people like us feel broken, or feel like failures because we can't 'stick' to the plan. It's designed to prey on our insecurities and to teach us that without the quick fix plans and promises, we would just over-eat into oblivion.

And again, I'm just going to call it like I see it. And I call bullshit on you believing you don't have what it takes to reach your goals. You've been trained to think this way - I get it (I was too) - but you CAN break out of that destructive mindset but only if you are willing to overcome the key reasons why you haven't lost your weight. 

Reason #1: You want the Quick & Dirty Weightloss Miracle

When I was struggling to lose my weight, I looked for the diet that would get me to my goal weight as fast as possible. Did it promise overnight results? Amazing! I could lose weight without exercising? Score! I could reach my goal weight in only a few weeks? Done. Is it any wonder why I lost and gained the same weight over 30 years? 

If you are looking for that quick and dirty solution, I get it. It's what we are taught is important - losing it quickly. All so we can get back to the 'fun' parts of living our life. We are conditioned to hate the process of dieting, to dread the endless parade of salads and diet food so we look for methods of losing weight that get it over with fast. Minimal effort, maximum results.

Real Talk: You didn't gain the weight in two months. You won't lose it that fast either (and keep it off).

The truth is the road to sustainable weight loss and good health is not a quick fix. And it's not just about the end goal of weightloss - it's about transforming both YOU and your LIFE. Anyone can lose a few pounds but true transformation requires a different level of committment. Of courage. Of growth. Of time.

So this is me, telling you woman to woman that if you want to lose weight sustainably then you have to stop trying quick fix diets. And not just because they don't work. Because they are making you unhealthy. And because they are perpetuating your negative behaviours and self talk.

I need you to dig in for the long haul. To fall in love with healthy eating and be willing to try new things. To be open to exercising your body not to get thin but to get healthy & strong. To wrestle with that negative self talk and stop giving it power over you. To be willing to build healthy habits and commit to doing better everyday. To invest in YOU and to work on creating a lifestyle that is not centered on weightloss but on helping you live your best life.

Reason #2: You have Diet Mentality

I yo-yo dieted for years and years. I was confused by conflicting food rules and while I knew what I had to do to reach my goals, I just couldn't do it. I was so focused on points, meal plans and quick results that I completely overlooked that those things would only get me so far. That at some point I would have to get real about MY plan for the rest of my life and my mindset when it came to why I had gained weight in the first place.

I overlooked (or deliberately ignored) the negative self talk that influenced my body image. I spent years with a limited mindset, telling myself "I can't do that" or "I am not worthy of this". I ignored spirals that caused me to binge and use food as a weapon against my body. I figured I would love myself when I got skinny. That I would FINALLY like the woman looking at me in the mirror. Right? Wrong. The reality is I couldn't use the same punishing and negative mindset to shape me into a version of myself that I could love. I had to change my mindset to achieve sustainable change.

Real Talk: A lot of the weight you lose isn't on your body. It's in your head.

Changing our mindset is tough - but it's essential to lasting change & transformation. That mindset is what has us falling back into old patterns and then devolving into negative self talk so changing not just how we think but how we talk to ourselves is vital. I won't lie to you, it's hard. It's also the most rewarding part of the journey. Of discovering just who we are and what we are capable of. When I say you are STRONGER than you think, know that I believe it and in YOU. You are POWERFUL and you can absolutely reach your goals.

It's way easier to grab that diet shake or follow a scripted plan - I get it. 

As a woman who walked that path I know those struggles. To feel out of control when it comes to food and my messy emotions and wanting to lose weight SO bad I could taste it. To be afraid of the hard work it would take change my life. It's why when I went through my transformation, I chose to become a nutrition coach. Because I know how dark that path can be and I wanted to give you a light that would shine even when all the other lights went out.

But again, woman to woman, if you don't change that mindset and if you aren't willing to do the work to face the emotional reasons why you're over-eating then all the diet teas and meal plans won't give you the longterm results you want.

If you don't focus on changing both your LIFE and MINDSET then nothing will change. It doesn't matter how many diets you follow. That's just me as your coach giving you real talk.

So before you go and try another quick fix program or diet, think hard about if this is how you want to LIVE. And if it's not, if it doesn't help you build a better and healthier life that you love, then it's time to try something different. 

What Sustainable Weightloss is all About

When I finally ditched diet mentality and looking for quick fixes, I remember how relieved I was. Like someone had taken 50 lbs of pressure off my shoulders. And it allowed me to take the blinders off and really LOOK at my life. To think about what I wanted and ultimately how I wanted to live.

I stopped stressing over short term weightloss results and punishing my body for not giving me the results I wanted. I stopped hating my body for not living up to an ideal and started nourishing her with healthy, delicious food and strengthening her with activities and exercise I actually enjoyed. I stopped cutting out foods and started creating balance. I ditched products and learned about better nutrition so I could optimize my metabolism and have more energy naturally.

I learned how to fall in love with my healthy lifestyle and the process of reaching my goals instead of living in fear that I would slip and get fat again. I fell in love with my body as it was and stopped the comparison trap. I ditched my limiting beliefs and delved into the emotional issues I had with food and my body. Did I solve them? No. I'm a work in progress and that's cool. Because I'm on a journey, not racing to a destination.

And its this philosophy that I teach my clients. How to make the process of weightloss simple, sustainable & fun with a system that is built on building healthy habits so that when life doesn't go exactly as planned (and when does it really?), you know exactly how to handle it. We dive into the mentality that got you where you are and I give you tools to tear off those blinders, to see just how strong & capable you are so that you can confidently take on new challenges and live your best life. 

When you're ready to get real about the reasons that are holding you back from true change, I would love to help you on your journey. You can do it - I believe in you.


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