Learn to reduce added sugars so you can have more energy, feel healthier & start shedding unwanted weight.

7 Days to Vibrant Living!

Reducing added sugars shouldn't be complicated, and learning how to eat healthier shouldn't be intimidating! That's why I've designed a simple 7-day program to help you improve your health, boost your energy and quality sleep, and take control over your cravings!

Detox Your Body

With this 7-day program, you'll get a step-by-step guide complete with a sugar-free meal plan and coaching support to help you make it easy to ditch the added sugars in your diet. I'm here for you!

Sugar Detox Manual

Packed with simple strategies to help you reduce the added sugars in your diet.


Sugar-Free Meal Plan

7-day meal plan packed with delicious & nutritious recipes for you to enjoy.


Coaching Support

To help you stay motivated and feel supported throughout the program.




Sugar is sneaky. It goes by so many names and hides in many of your favourite foods. Eating lots of sugar can overload your liver, cause insulin resistance and lead to conditions like diabetes. In this program, you'll learn what sugars to avoid and simple steps you can take everyday to eliminate sugar from your diet so you feel healthier and more energized!


Added sugars are in virtually all processed and convenience foods - even so called "diet" foods! This is why women gain weight, even when they think they're eating healthy.

This program will help you eliminate those added sugars and give you a better understanding of nutrition so you can start shedding weight.  


 Added sugars can cause chronic inflammation in our bodies. Chronic inflammation often leads to issues like: weight gain, heart disease, cancer, asthma, allergies and more.  This program gives you an anti-inflammatory meal plan that will help you reduce your added sugar intake and start lowering inflammation levels!

7-Day Sugar Detox


One-Time Fee

  • 7-Day Sugar Detox Manual
  • 7-Day Sugar-Free Meal Plan
  • Sugar-Free Recipes + Prep Guide
  • Coaching Support via Email
  • BONUS: The Essential Fitness Guide
  • BONUS: Infused Water Recipe Book

All The Tools You Need To Reduce Added Sugars, Boost Energy Levels & Improve your Health.

Reducing your intake of added sugars can seem hard. I get it.

That's why I've designed this program with all the tools and resources to make it super simple for you to reduce your intake of added sugars AND improve your knowledge of sugar so it's easier for you to minimize your intake ongoing.

The meal plan I've included with this program is packed with nutritious and delicious recipes that you will enjoy. They will help improve your blood sugar balance, boost your energy levels and help you start kicking those sugar cravings to the curb!

In the Sugar Detox Manual, you will get simple, actionable steps you can take to reduce the added sugars in your diet (and in your home) and dramatically improve your health and wellness.

As added BONUSES you will also get my Essential Fitness Guide and my Infused Water Recipe Book. All to help you get healthier and stronger.

Get started today!